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An important item to complement a delicious lunch or dinner, and a popular way to unwind after a busy day, wine is an extremely important part of Cotswold culture, which is recognised by Waitrose.

Whilst walking along the alcohol aisle of Waitrose, with such a diverse selection of wines, you can be forgiven for spending the majority of time from your weekly shop here. French wines, Italian wines, Spanish wines, Australian wines, Turkish wines, which do you chose?

Do you judge by price? Does expensive wine mean better wine? What does ‘better’ even mean when it comes to wine? Are you planning on eating a red meat based meal? White meat? Fish? Are you vegetarian? Or just planning on having a relaxing evening in front of Netflix?

Cotswold Allure Waitrose Studio Cheltenham Kitchen Food (25 of 25)

Emma Warner, Matt Dicks, Jayne Gearing

With thanks to chef Jayne Gearing , chef Emma Warner, and Cotswold Allure Magazine’s own drinks editor Matt Dicks (Beers, Wines and Spirits specialist), Waitrose Cheltenham branch are now offering tutored wine and food tasting evenings.

The Cheltenham Kitchen’ (as the group is known) events are being held monthly inside the Waitrose Demonstration Studio. Cotswold Allure Magazine was invited to their Christmas themes December kitchen, and what a fabulous experience it was!

Cotswold Allure Waitrose Studio Cheltenham Kitchen Food (11 of 25)

Throughout the evening, there was lots of enjoyment as chef Emma Warner gave cookery demonstrations for the meals:

  • Roasted shallot and chestnut crostini.
  • Mince pies with spiced orange crumble topping.
  • Sausage, cranberry and chestnut rolls.
  • Beetroot chocolate truffle kisses.
  • Yuzu smoked trout and avocado on cucumber.

In-between cookery demonstrations, Matt Dicks, spoke about recommended wines that he’d selected to compliment the dishes, giving great insight into where and how the wines had been produced, and for what reason.

A key aspect of what made the evening a great success by being thoroughly enjoyable, was the great ‘tongue in cheek’ relationship between Matt, Jayne and Emma, encouraging patrons to be involved by speaking up about their experiences of smell and taste.

Cotswold Allure Waitrose Studio Cheltenham Kitchen Food (8 of 25)

Wines which had been selected for the evening were:

  • Valdo Oro Puro Prosecco
  • Chambord Black Raspberry
  • San Anotolin Rueda
  • Joseph Drouhin, Chorey-lès-Beaune
  • Waitrose Barolo
  • Waitrose Seariously Plummy Maury

The patrons of the evening were a mixture of generations, some already very knowledgeable towards wine, and some just out for a nice evenings entertainment and education.

John Burton said:
“This has been one of the better wine tasting events that I’ve attended, their choices of Italian, French and Spanish wines was excellent.”

Cotswold Allure Waitrose Studio Cheltenham Kitchen Food (23 of 25)

Hannah, Ellie and Tommy said:
“Tommy has just started sharing a place with us in Cheltenham, so this evening is like his initiation! We just wanted something different to do other than the usual things and we really enjoyed this, we’d recommend to everybody to try it.”

Cotswold Allure Waitrose Studio Cheltenham Kitchen Food (24 of 25)

Hannah, Ellie and Tommy


As entertaining as they are, the Waitrose Studio is not only holding ‘Cheltenham Kitchen’ events. Throughout the Waitrose Demonstration Studio also hosts other events such as school educational workshops.

These workshops teach children about foods when they’re above and below ground, which countries the foods come from, the benefits of eating healthily, and hands-on classes such as food preparation, cooking, and baking. They also hold a specialist fish workshop and a dedicated salad workshop.

The Cheltenham Kitchen tutored wine and food tasting evening is £25 per person, and can be booked by calling this number: 01242 241425.

Have you been to a tutored wine tasting class? Have you attended an event held at Waitrose Studio? Let us know below or on our Social Media: #CotswoldAllure

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