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Exterior is all we have on show to the world and for centuries we have spent an excruciating amount of time, effort and money on making it look as appealing and complete to others and ourselves. But… just who are we kidding? Finally, we are beginning to recognise that this pursuit of happiness neglects a very real yet invisible element, our most authentic self, our true core, our essence.

Elaine Slater is seeking to readdress this balance as she launches The Mind Matters Clinic at the Bamford Haybarn in the Cotswolds. In a bespoke programme Elaine encourages her clients to go on a journey of the internal to engage in a dialogue to discover their true self and to find contentment. Having worked as a consultant therapist at the Priory Hospital, London and as a psychologist for the Viva Mayr Medical Clinic Harley Street, Elaine is well placed to bring out the best in her clients.

What makes her even more unique and better placed to help others is the fact she has been a Buddhist for 15 years, and a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation for 20 years. She teaches guided meditation and visualisation, mindfulness techniques and diaphragmatic breath-work. Her areas of specialisation are: stress, fear and worry, emotional eating, body image issues, loss of purpose, loneliness and isolation, anxiety and depression. But, most importantly she is an incredibly genuine and caring individual who creates an environment of nourishment and non judgement.

So much of my time as a PT in my other sphere of work is spent strengthening people’s bodies and it is so refreshing to see this approach transferred to the mind and self awareness. Following an initial consultation where Elaine will discuss the issues affecting an individual a bespoke tailored programme will then be made. Allowing ourselves the space to just exist and examine is invaluable and like a muscle strengthening, Elaine provides techniques to strengthen our sense of self and security with just being.

To find out more about The Mind Matters Clinic simply contact the Bamford Haybarn Spa, Daylesford.

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