Privacy Policy

Cotswold Allure is committed to respecting Your privacy. This statement sets out how Cotswold Allure Websites comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements.

By using Cotswold Allure you are agreeing to our privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to this Website only – it does not cover other websites to which We may provide links, or to Cotswold Allure Websites other than those operated by Cotswold Allure.

If you have any worry or concern, you can contact us here:

“Cotswold Allure” and any subsidiary from time to time of Cotswold Allure also referred to as “We”, “Us” and “Our”. Subsidiary has the meaning given in section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006.

“Users” and subsidiary from time to time of Readers also referred to as “You”, “Your”, “You’re”, “User”, “Reader”, “Readers”. Subsidiary has the meaning given in section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006.

“Websites” means the websites and mobile sites (including their constituent pages) with their home pages published by Cotswold Allure; and any other website, mobile site or web address owned or operated by a member of Cotswold Allure as may link to these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

“Contributions” and “Sponsors” any unsolicited material, including (but not limited to) verbal, e-mail, video, letters, texts, digital photographs or other images.

“Personal Data” is data that may hold some personal information to you.

“Non Personal Data” (also known as “anonymous data”) is data that is not traceable to anyone.

Cotswold Allure writers and content producers.
If you are a Cotswold Allure writer or content producer (for example, produce articles or photographs or video for Cotswold Allure) then you understand that some personal data is purposely published about you. This information may include:

  • Links to your website/s
  • Links to your social media
  • Description about yourself
  • Photograph of yourself.

Platform and Plugins.
When using Cotswold Allure Magazine you understand that we use WordPress as our basic platform. As with any WordPress based website, anonymous data (non personal data) could be sent to WordPress, helping to keep WordPress based websites protected against malicious activity. With an estimated 27.5% of all websites using WordPress, this anonymous data (non personal data) helps keep the internet safer for you. None of the data sent is personally identifiable to anyone. The WordPress own privacy policy can be found here:

Cotswold Allure Magazine uses multiple plugins to help keep us running smoothly, all of which comply with GDPR. (Please note that without physically monitoring every company with a physical presence, it is completely impossible to regulate whether they are true to their compliance with GDPR, we can only go by what they say.)

Our plugin types that use anonymous data (non personal data) include:

  • Security.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Caching

Other anonymous data (non personal data) information needed to keep Cotswold Allure Magazine compatible with your devices, are whenever you request a page through your browser, navigation and click stream data such as:

  • Your IP address
  • Browser and version
  • Operating system
  • Date and time
  • Site from which you came

This information is stored in a log file and/or database. Any search terms that you enter into Cotswold Allure Magazine search are also logged. This information cannot be used to identify specific individuals, and is only used for:

  • Website and system administration
  • Research and development
  • Anonymous user analysis
  • To gather accurate statistics to advertisers in the form of aggregated data

This information is stored on a secure dedicated server.

Is it possible to access the Website without disclosing personal data?
Yes. You can visit the Website without identifying Yourself or revealing any personal information. Once You choose to provide Us with any information by which You can be identified, it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

What information do We collect?
We only collect the personal data that You volunteer on forms You submit to Us (for example in registering for membership services), and in emails You send to Us.

(Cotswold Allure Magazine prides itself in the fact that we do not “scrape” for private information from users, as many other publications do.)

If ordering products from us, We will collect Your name, contact and billing information, transaction and credit card information.

Do we collect Cookies?
Yes. Today, this is a standard website feature. Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a Website. A cookie is an element of data that a Website can send to your browser, and which your browser may then store on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. Doing this will allow you to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept cookies or not.

Cookies on this site are used by us, and our ad management system, Cookies are used for:

  • Ad tracking,
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Customization of content (i.e. not repeating pop-up windows)
  • Storing login information
  • Statistical site-traffic analysis

Do We disclose Your personal data to third parties?
We will ensure that Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except insofar as:

  • You have consented to such disclosure; or
  • We are required to do so by law; or
  • We receive a court order requesting or directing Us to so; or
  • We reasonably believe that You may be in breach of any applicable law (such as but not limited to posting content that is defamatory), when We may provide Your personal data to the relevant third party or their legal representative.

Your personal data may be disclosed to other companies within the Cotswold Allure.

Do We gather any other non personal information?
Yes, We use independent measurement and research companies who gather non-personal data regarding the visitors to Our website on Our behalf using cookies and code. Both the cookies and the embedded code provide non-personal statistical information about visits to pages on the website, the duration of individual page view, paths taken by visitors through the website, data on visitors’ screen settings and other general information. Cotswold Allure uses this type of information, as with that obtained from other cookies used on the website, to help it improve the services to its users.

We only use two plugins, which send personal data to a third party:

  1. To keep in contact with our readers, Cotswold Allure Magazine uses an ‘opt-in’ subscription newsletter plugin for MailChimp. This is the only plugin used that will send personal data (your email address) to a third party (The MailChimp Cotswold Allure Magazine account) which is not displayed publicly. The privacy policy for MailChimp can be found here: Every email sent comes with an option to unsubscribe.
  2. To take payments, we use Stripe as a Payment Gateway. This means that Stripe will receive your payment information to take payments. The privacy policy for Stripe can be found here:

We use one plugin, which sends personal data directly to our email:

  1. Contact Form is a way for you to contact us, which can be found in various location throughout Cotswold Allure Magazine. Any area that you can message or write to us is using our Contact Form. Your information is not displayed anywhere, only in our email inbox.

There are three areas within Cotswold Allure Magazine that display personal data:

  1. Our photo gallery may hold a photograph of you within our articles.
  2. Our article comments may display either a name or email address of the person commenting.
  3. Our events manager may display the address, location and directions to an event.

International data:
Some personal data might be used/stored internationally with companies such as:

Can I see the personal data Cotswold Allure Magazine holds about me? And can I amend it?
If you believe Cotswold Allure Magazine might have personal data about you, You may request details of personal information which We hold about You. If You would like a copy of the information, please email where any information held about you will be supplied electronically via email within 30 days of your request.

If You believe that any information We are holding on You is incorrect, please write or e-mail We will correct any information which was found to be incorrect within 30 immediately.

If You have agreed to the disclosure of personal information and to receiving marketing and promotional information, but no longer wish to do so, then please contact Us at 07719 746223, or email

Right to be forgotten.
If you wish for all information about you to be deleted from Cotswold Allure Magazine, you can exercise your ‘right to be forgotten’. This method of deletion is extreme, so please make sure you definitely want to exercise this right before requesting it, as there will be no backup of your data. You can request to be forgotten via email

How long does Cotswold Allure Magazine keep personal data?
We do not want your data for longer than necessary to keep Cotswold Allure Magazine running smoothly for readers. Therefore, Cotswold Allure Magazine does not keep data for long. For example:

  • Articles will begin to be archived after 24 months.
  • Emails are deleted after 12 months.

The only personal data types kept longer are:

  • Subscriptions to our monthly newsletter (unless you unsubscribe)
  • Annual events information (to renew each year)
  • Legal documents (which we are required to keep)
  • Sales information (which will be kept no longer than 6 years)

Additional services.
From time to time We may provide additional services for You to download. However, the download time may vary considerably between the types of content and You agree that You are wholly liable and responsible for any telephone call and/or other charges incurred in downloading the same.

Monthly Newsletter (using MailChimp)
You can only receive this is you have opted in to receiving our monthly newsletter. You can find this titled: “VIP Newsletter” in various location throughout Cotswold Allure Magazine.

We will then send you monthly newsletters, which have but are not limited to: information reflecting on past Cotswold Allure Magazine articles, special offers, upcoming events, Country Finest promotions.

Third Party Sites.
Some third party sites which are either embedded into the Website or links are provided are sites which are operated by third parties with whom Cotswold Allure has a commercial association, including but not limited to sites by means of which You can make payment for use of the Website or associated services. If You wish to make any purchases or enter any financial dealings on such website, You will be entering a contract with the relevant third party operator who will ask You to supply information about Yourself and on Your financial affairs, including Your bank or credit card details. The third party operator will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy and it is up to You to indicate Your consent or otherwise to the use that the third party proposes to make of Your personal data. While We select Our trading partners with care, Cotswold Allure cannot be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which You may suffer as a result of Your decision to enter any dealings or transactions with, or supply personal information to, a trading partner or any third party. Please ensure You are aware of whom You are contracting with and the relevant terms and conditions prior to entering into any contract.

A contract for Us to supply You with goods or services will only be created when We accept Your Order (which We may do in writing, by email or by fulfilling that Order). Goods and services advertised on this Website may not actually be available when You place Your Order as We reserve the right to withdraw services at any time.

Once We accept Your Order We will inform You in writing of the details of Your Order, the price of the goods including taxes and delivery costs, arrangements for payment and delivery, and Your/Our obligations

We shall deliver Your goods within a maximum of 30 days beginning with the date of the Order. If goods are not available, Cotswold Allure will inform You and reimburse any sum already paid within 30 days.

You have the right to cancel the contract for whatever reason within seven working days (“cooling off” period) from the date that You receive the goods (or, for services, the date of conclusion of the contract) or from the date the written confirmation is provided if later. This right to cancel does not apply to Excluded Contracts.

Certain contracts are excluded from the right to cancel and You will not automatically have the right to cancel these contracts. For example, contracts for customised goods (e.g. advertisements) or those which deteriorate rapidly (e.g. food and perishable items) and contracts for the supply of video or audio recordings or computer software that is unsealed by You.

If You cancel the contract We will re-imburse You as soon as possible. In any event, Cotswold Allure will refund You within 30 days of the notice of cancellation, without any charge other than the direct cost of returning the goods.

Where You return the goods by post, You are under a duty to take reasonable care to see that they are received and not damaged in transit.