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(Main Image: Festival goers at The Big Feastival 2017)

A few weeks have past, some of those great anthems are still playing in your head, the hangover is just about faded away and your hair is still a mess!!! Weekend long music events are incredibly unforgettable, but they can seriously disrupt your beauty regime.

Taking extra care of your hair, after a festival, is absolutely necessary if you want to get it back to its former glory and be glamorous for next season’s festivities!

Take Coachella for example, your hair had to go through a lot of stress every day. You definitely would have had a different hairstyle each day, there was sand and a LOT of sunshine.

But what can you do to get it back to its original beauty. The simplest step would be to get back to your regular shampoo and conditioning routine, with your professional salon products. I would recommend Shu Uemera Ultimate Remedy shampoo and Masque. This clever duo work together to transform and strengthen neglected locks with a beautiful aroma of lotus infusion.

You may want to leave the masque on towel dried hair for 3-5 minutes to ensure it has the time to really penetrate the cortex of your hair.

The biggest tip would be to remember your hair is as delicate as silk when wet so be gentle when brushing. When detangling start from the ends of your hair and softly move up to the roots. Try using a Tangle Teezer brush, one of the best ways to get rid of those stubborn knots.

This must all, obviously, be done whilst listening to your ultimate festival soundtrack to bring back those memories.

…Not forgetting the guys…

Beards and moustaches are still a huge trend and they too take a bit of a bashing during festival season. The sun and wind can dry beards out, leaving them feeling brittle and dry.

Just like your hair, beards need to be shampooed and conditioned too. There are many beard shampoos on the market but personally I prefer using a salon professional hair shampoo as it has all the ingredients my beard needs to stay soft and shiny. I use the Discipline range from Kerastase. It is designed to tame thick, unruly hair.

Shampoo your beard as you would your hair to remove any dry skin or food reminants as these are the factors that lead to the itching that leads to people giving up and shaving it off! Then once rinsed though rely apply the masque and gently comb through using a wooden wide tooth comb such as The big red beard comb:

Once you’re out of the shower gently dry, as vigorously towel drying will cause frizz and split end, apply a moisturising beard oil such as Captain Fawcett’s beard oil

Thankfully it doesn’t smell of alcohol and cigarettes. It’s actually got an alluring, herbal scent which isn’t too overpowering when applied with a couple of drops each day. Designed in collaboration with model Ricki Hall it’s one of the most effective when coming to beard softening.

I hope some of these products help you to gain back some control of your hair, let me know how you get on!

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