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The  trend of natural, enhancing makeup and radiant healthy skin is definitely gaining more momentum and personally I  am thrilled as it’s  always been my ‘go to’ look!

Less is more with this type of make up application and the focus is all about your skin. We want to achieve, fresh, radiant looking skin with a touch of rosy color to give it some life without having to use a huge amount of makeup.

Follow the step by step guide below of how to create the look plus my favourite products to use.

Step one: Clean canvas!

You want to start with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin. The key to this look is to have a hydrated, well-prepped canvas. I recommend always cleansing and moisturising your skin before any makeup application however for this look if your skin is particularly dry and you struggle to achieve a dewy complexion then you can add a small amount of serum or face oil into your moisturiser to add extra moisture.

Step two: A radiance primer!

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

There are many brands out there all selling similar radiance or illuminating primers. When using illuminating or radiance primers I recommend only dotting a small amount on the tops of cheekbones, a small amount on the forehead arches of the eyebrows. They aren’t designed to use all over the face like other primers because, they are used only to enhance the highest points of your face which would naturally catch the light.

My favorites:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Wonder glow – A beautiful soft focus light liquid that instantly gives lift and glow to your complexion.
  • Laura Mercier Radiance Primer – This primer is great for skin that can appear dull. It reflects light with its illuminating properties.

Step Three:
Your foundation

For this look I’d be more inclined to use a light coverage foundation , like a BB Crème or  tinted moisturizer We want this look to be uber natural, an enhanced version of your own skin.

My favorites for this look:

  • Bobbi Brown’s BB Crème – A great one for those wanting a little more coverage but still a natural, ‘bare skin’ looking finish.
  • Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer – a light coverage with a gorgeous smooth finish, this product has been a favorite of mine for ‘no make up, make up’ days for many years.
  • Dior Nude BB Crème – I love this product for the dewy, glowing effect it gives the skin. An amazing one for those with more mature skin, as it’s combined with Dior’s skin care.


Take note:

You may notice all of these products above have an SPF, which is something I highly recommend using from the youngest age possible.

Step four: Give it some color!

Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon

I recommend using a crème blush here, as it will keep that dewy effect all over the face, so the textures stay smooth and even. The beauty of creme blush is that you can easily apply it with a brush or fingers. My favourite way to apply these products is by using a stippling or buffing foundation brush- use a little product to start with, patting it onto the skin with the brush and add more for the depth of shade you require. If there are any harsh edges just pat them out lightly with your fingers.

My favorite crème blushers:

  • Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge in fresh melon – This is a  soft coral colour  perfect for going into spring and the texture is so light it glides beautifully onto the cheekbone. This is a great colour for someone with fair-medium toned skin.
  • Stila Convertible colour crème blush in peony – Peony is a great colour for those with medium to dark toned skin as it’s a warm, rosy toned shade. This blush has a similar texture to the Bobbi Brown one so again it applies beautifully.

Take note:

You may also noticed I haven’t mentioned any powdered products in this look. Adding powder could dissolve and take all that moisture and radiance we are building. However if you do find you get particularly oily then perhaps dust a light amount of finishing powder just on the area’s that produce more oil. For example,  the t-zone which is the bridge of the nose and area between the brows.

Step Five: Eye’s and Lips!

To finish the look think less is more. Just some natural looking mascara and a dab of the crème blush on your lips and you will be good to go! Feeling and looking fresh!

I hope you enjoy feeling fresh this New Year and enjoy trying something new …Remember great things can happen outside of your comfort zone!

Christine X




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