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I met Natalie Ferrari whilst launching my business as she works for The Growth Hub in Gloucestershire. Natalie is a finalist for the Miss Cheltenham 2018 competition which celebrates the achievements of women and encourages women to be the best version of themselves. I was pleasantly surprised to hear such an empowering vision for what I had assumed was based on the traditional beauty pageant.

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Miss Cheltenham is one of the regional competitions for Miss England, and the winner of each region goes straight to the Semi-finals of Miss England.  The winner of Miss Cheltenham will then become an ambassador for Cheltenham for the year ahead so the hunt is on for an inspirational lady. The fact that Natalie very much admires the entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to seize the opportunity to celebrate the local business she supports, indicates that we may have already found our lady.

Natalie is particularly passionate about promoting positive body confidence and is keen to share her health and wellbeing tips.  I was encouraged to learn that Natalie would class her body confidence as an 8 on a scale of 1-10. She explains that her perspective has certainly evolved as she has got older and I admired her honesty for admitting how she used to compare herself to others.

Natalie Ferrari advises us to accept that we are all different shapes and sizes and encourages us to look for the positive aspects of our bodies, get used to what we have and see the good in it as the first step to achieving high levels of body confidence. She concludes that it is our unique characteristics which we can often perceive as ‘imperfections’ that are what makes us individual.

Exercise is something Natalie advocates strongly and she herself dances to keep fit. She explains that as you start to see results, it motivates you to keep up the momentum which then makes you feel positive about yourself and proud of what you have achieved.  Natalie eats a healthy and balanced diet and where possible avoids refined sugar.

She has always remembered her dads valuable advice “you are what you eat” and finds that by being selective with what she eats, provides her with a clear mind, more energy and higher levels of concentration. She recommends taking the time to discover what works for your body and has adjusted her diet in accordance with what she has learned over the years.

Natalie enjoys a wide variety of vegetables including spinach and is a fan of porridge and blueberries. She includes brown bread, brown rice, lean chicken and tuna into her diet and structures her meals to ensure appropriate proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fat. As a treat, she enjoys dark chocolate and likes to indulge in a fruit and nut mix with yoghurt and granola.

I was impressed by Natalie’s healthy perspective to food and I was curious how this had been established at a relatively young age as Natalie is only 24. She explained that her mum had always promoted the importance of looking after her health and was interested in how supplements and herbs could add benefits. Natalie explained that having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) forced her to listen to her body and over time, she has discovered that eliminating dairy and gluten from her diet has significantly reduced the symptoms of IBS.

With regards to beauty, Natalie explains that due to having eczema, she prefers natural products and has discovered products from Rosamae Botanicals, Isabelle Turner Cross makes her products from organic ingredients and Natalie was keen to let me know that her peppermint soaps smell amazing!

Natalie has clear advice for those who might be interested in putting themselves forward for Miss Cheltenham in the future, “Don’t deny yourself an opportunity just because you think it’s scary, put yourself out there and feel comfortable celebrating your achievements” Natalie enjoys showcasing the achievements of others which is a particularly empowering feature within the Miss Cheltenham competition.

All of the finalists support the Mayors Charity Appeal and this year Cllr Klara Sudbury has chosen The Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity Focus Fund, supporting Cancer patients and the ‘Holly Gazzard Trust’. As Natalie actually knew Holly personally, this is a charity close to her heart and she values the importance of educating people about domestic abuse.

Natalie and I spoke about social media influences and how filters promote airbrush perfection. I asked Natalie how she manages the temptation of comparison within the world today and more specifically, the Miss Cheltenham competition in which she finds herself and her response was simple but eloquent.  While she admitted that this can happen all too easily, she explained that once you become consciously aware that you are comparing yourself to others, you should simply remind yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Natalie would very much like to thank Sonia and Sophie Smith for picking her as a finalist and is grateful for the opportunity to support local businesses. I would like to thank Natalie for all her hard work in Gloucestershire supporting businesses and promoting positive body confidence, she is a genuine beauty inside and out and would be a worthy winner of the Miss Cheltenham 2018 competition.

Natalie will be looking beautiful in blue, supporting ‘Colour Me March’ on Ladies Day at Cheltenham Race Course on 14th March. We wish Natalie all the best with her fundraising as she will be holding bakes sales in Gloucester and look forward to hearing the announcement of the winner of the Miss Cheltenham competition being held at Cheltenham Race Course on 31st March.

You can like and follow Natalie Ferrari on Facebook @natalieferrari99 and Twitter @natalieferrari9 and support her Just Giving Page at  If you would like to vote for Natalie please do so here and voting closes on 30th March 2018.

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