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(Main Image: Event host Andy Seger (Left) & Britain’s leading jewellery designer Theo Fennell)

A show that describes itself as an opportunity to showcase the pinnacle of business, to a clientele that expects quality in every aspect of life, the first ever Midlands Luxury Show, co-hosted by J & A Fine Art and Equitrade Capital, was an enormous success.

Celebrating exuberance and indulgence, this luxurious invitation only event was situated within the midlands premium cuisine and golf resort in Wishaw; the award winning Belfry Hotel and Resort.


Belfry Hotel and Resort main greeting area

From here in the Cotswolds, one key sponsor of the Midlands Luxury Show was H R Owen Ecurie displaying some of their wonderful Supercars from their impressive Cheltenham showroom.


Aston Martin from H R Owen Ecurie Cheltenham

Cotswold Allure Magazine attended the Midlands Luxury Show, to experience the first of what is intended to be an annual celebration of quality, blended with passion and personality. As well as marvelling at artwork from artists such as Bill Mack, guests at the show were able to meet founders, directors, and designers of the businesses involved, gaining an interesting insight as to what their true values are, and how their businesses came to be.


On the mainstage guest speakers, such as Britain’s leading jewellery designer Theo Fennell, gave interesting and inspiring speeches about their personal and business history and how they had come to be in the positions they are today.

One of the guest speakers was Willard Wigan, whose unique talent as a micro sculptor has acquired him global acclaim, an MBE in 2007 and a TED talk in 2009. His amazing works of art, typically fit in the eye of a needle and has been described by many as “the eighth wonder of the world”.

Willard spoke about his childhood, his relationship with his parents, his medical condition and how he believes it has benefitted his interest, how he mastered his unique talent, and his journey to world recognition. This fascinating artist will be featuring in the Cotswold Allure Spotlight soon, so keep an eye out for his interview.  In the meantime, enjoy some examples of his wonderful art work below

The midday Fashion Show, showcased the new autumn and winter clothing line by designer: Sabrina of Luxy London, Modelled by: @JodiemayEvans, @Hollyblairxoxo, @Beccipagex, @Gemhumph.

Our five tops finds at the Midlands Luxury Show:

Vivienne Bartolucci
From Milan, Vivienne studied piano performance at Conservatorio di Musica G. Rossini Pesaro in Italy. As well as a musician, she is also a sales representative for Yamaha Europe, where she was displaying one of Yamahas grand pianos.

John M Browning Collection
Born in 1855, John M Browning was an American who dedicated his life to creating firearms of exceptional quality and revolutionary construction.

One hand crafted and hand carved shotgun on display at the Midlands Luxury Show, worth £49,000, has a full 2 years manufacturing process, perfect for the serious shooting enthusiast.

Hard to Find Whisky
A family run business specialising in Rare, Collectable and New release Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Hard to Find Whisky boasts one of the best selections of Whisky on the planet, providing large and high resolution photographs of their products, with detailed descriptions and technical information for each and every bottle.

Luke Burton Sculptor
With his creative career starting at the age of 15, Luke is constantly producing sculptures for private buyers. However, because of this, his pieces are quite unique and rarely to be seen, which is why Luke decided to produce public art as well as his private work.

Luke describes his work as: “subtle humour infiltrating a restrained and sincere language of the decorative. Through  pictorialising of three-dimensional objects, I seek to unveil and then further muddy the codified signification of ornament – a kind of obfuscated grammar – and its always already convoluted relationship to class, taste, and the politics of aesthetics.”

Luke’s sculptures can be found all around the world in countries such as the UK, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

D’Joya Fine Jewellery
Founded in 2008 by Niyati Shah, D’Joya quickly established a reputation of being more than just a jeweller. Their philosophy is to combine beauty with Art to create a masterpiece. D’Joya brings you exquisite keepsakes that will last forever. Inspired by works of art, fables and the gloriousness of the natural world, each of these inimitable pieces shines a light upon a subject and ingeniously succeeds in bringing a story, or a place, immediately to life.

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