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Farewell, sun, you have been kind to us Brits this year! As the weather begins to change, for now, we will have to welcome the wind and rain as we make the transition into autumn. Let’s just hope next year will be just as sunny as it has been. In the meantime, this changeable weather can be quite difficult to dress for, especially if you plan on going out for the whole day. One moment, it’s sunny and pleasant, and the next the wind has picked up and spatters of rain start to fall. Layering is important in this case, but how can you change it up a bit?

Layering is all about co-ordination. It’s lovely to throw on bits and bobs from your wardrobe to keep nice and warm, but matching your clothes and their colours will achieve a synchronised and balanced look.


  1. Simple

Starting off simply, dressing a thin jumper over the top of a collared shirt is a good way to start using layers. If it’s a chilly day, a long coat and a pair of jeans will work well together with ankle boots and a bold necklace. If it’s slightly warmer, ditch the coat and opt for a pair of slip-on sandals. The good thing is, you can always take off the jumper if you get too warm and, voila, another outfit is born. The great thing is, you can mix the colours up any way you want, as long as you don’t go over the top!


  1. Dungarees

Yes, you read that right, and no, it’s not the 1990s… dungarees can offer a quirky take on layering! Dressed with a striped tee or jumper, they’re simple to start layering up. Firstly, put a plain, chunky-knit cardigan over the top and go from there – a coat, a jacket or perhaps a light-weight scarf will help pull the outfit together. On warmer days, try wearing a frilled, loose fitting top underneath, with a light cardigan over the top.


  1. Layer, layer, and more layers!

On cooler, rainy days, why not try out wearing three or four layers at a time? For example, start with a loose cami top, then a checked shirt and then a denim jacket. If it’s really looking chilly out there, finish the look off with a thick, knitted cardigan. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different items. Start with thin fabrics, and work it up.

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  1. Dressing it up

V-neck dresses worn over a base top is another great way to dress for changeable weather. This alternative take on the spring style shift dress is perfect way to keep your shoulders from that cool breeze. A bold coloured dress would look great when paired with a monochrome roll-neck top, avoiding any clashing colours. This simplistic outfit is wonderful for days when you just want to ‘throw anything on’ and still look great!


  1. Accessories

When you’re dealing with layers, the last thing you want is for dozens of items of jewellery to get in the way when you’re adjusting your outfit throughout the day. Keep it simple – one bold necklace with a simple, monochromatic look would be great, or stick to bracelets for convenience. Take a larger tote bag out with you, so if you did want to remove a cardigan or jumper, you don’t have to carry it around separately.


What do you think of our advice for changeable weather fashion? What advice do you have for this awkward and unpredictable time of year? Let us know below or share your thoughts with us across social media: #CotswoldAllure

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