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When you’ve over indulged during Christmas and the New Year, a January or February detox is the obvious course of action. But have you considered a hair detox as part of this detox? The build-up of styling products from all of those parties, as well as a change in diet, can have repercussions on your hair health as well as your body and skin.

But don’t worry, Cotswold Allure Magazine readers have some tips from Stuart Holmes Hair & Beauty Salon.

A ‘hair detox’ isn’t about deprivation, but rather an alteration in terms of targeting key hair care concerns. So what are the most common signs an overhaul is needed I hear you say…. If your hair is dull in colour, flat in body and dry on the ends then read on for my top tips on getting your hair back to red carpet ready.

1: Head massage

Massaging your scalp daily for 10 mins has an incredible effect on the hair. It will relieve tension and also increase the blood flow for thicker, healthier, longer hair, which is perfect way to begin a hair detox. But get your partner to do it for you to take it to the next level of pampering.

2: Treat your hair

Have you ever been sat at a salon backwash and been offered a treatment for your hair? Not given it much thought? A regular conditioner can do the same job right? WRONG. Here’s the difference. If you can picture tiles on a roof, a regular conditioner will only partially penetrate the cuticles, therefore it will sit just underneath the lip of the tile. Whilst in the short term this will make your hair feel fantastically soft and look beautifully shiny, this will only last until you next wash your hair.

A treatment however, penetrates deep into the cortex of the hair, basically under the lip of the tiles and into the attic. It sits in there for 4-6 weeks gently releasing all the goodness your hairdresser has created for you and your hair needs. One of the best treatments are Kerastase Fusio Dose.

3: Turn the heat down and be gentle.

As a working parent I know speed is key in the mornings. It is very tempting to blast your hair off on top speed and the highest heat then bang the straighteners over the top of frizzy curly hair desperately trying to get that smooth, catwalk hair ready for the playground or office. But all you are doing is putting your hair under an incredible amount of stress and the long term damage will definitely result in a short haircut.

First things first, gently brush your hair with a tangle teaser brush, starting from the ends to the roots. Remember, when your hair is wet it is as delicate as silk. Take your time and do this bit right the rest will be a doddle.

Add your heat protecting products such as Kerastase Ciment Thermique. A lightweight leave in conditioner that also protects from heat.

Put your dryer onto a medium or gentle heat and pointing the dryer down proceed to dry. Now by keeping the dryer blowing down the hair shaft you are encouraging shine as you are blowing the cuticles shut. Get a large paddle brush underneath your hair and gently blow out.

I very much doubt you will need straighteners after this, however if you do, again, turn the heat down. As your hair will already be smooth, just use the irons to gently seal the cuticles shut by just gliding ever the sections of hair.

4: Keep hydrated

Not drinking enough water can dehydrate you from the inside out. When your body is dehydrated, your hair can become dry, increasing the chance of split ends and breakage.

5: New year, new style

Finally the best detox in my opinion is a brand new hairstyle. This benefits you massively. The right style will eliminate dry ends, give your hair shine, it will bring out your eyes, accentuate your cheek bones and make you feel so confident you’ll kick 2018’s ass!!

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