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Cheltenham Festival time is the most glamorous time of the year to be in Cheltenham. People from all over the globe descend on our small town to witness the biggest, and best week in horse racing. And the style stakes are even higher. Today I’m writing a few of my Cheltenham Festival tips so you can achieve a podium finish on ladies day.



The most important factor is the prep of your hair. Some professionals will say wash your hair the day before, some say wash it that day. For me I would recommend washing your hair with a good volumising shampoo the night before the big day. This allows a little bit more grip as your natural oils create texture and hold for the pins if you are putting it up. If it’s to be curled or blow-dried then on the day is fine.

Then in the morning damp your hair down and add either a blow dry spray such as L’Oréal Professional Techni Art Pli or L’Oréal Professional Techni Art Mousse. This will give your hair a bit more backbone and some serious staying power for when you leave that champagne bar and face the elements of the racecourse.

Liberally spray your hair with the Pli, or, with the mousse apply a golf ball sized amount into the palm of your hand and use a comb to apply evenly throughout. Then style as you like. These preparations will be the difference between looking like Kate Middleton or looking like Kauto Star.



Down? up? hat? …What do you do?!

There is no etiquette for how to wear your hair at the Cheltenham Festival, however, Ladies day is always known for the fabulous hats.


Our guys at Stuart Holmes Salon work very closely one of the UK’s top milliners Lisa Von Hallwyl (pictured above). It is always important to work with the style of the hat with accordance to your hair style. One of the most common styles is more of a half up/ half down style.

To achieve this yourself curl your hair using tongs then using a clear elastic, over direct your hair to the opposite side of your parting and secure into a low ponytail. Use a small piece of hair to wrap around the elastic to hide it and pin into place. Using a pintail comb, gently pull out the hair on your crown to give volume, as most hats only partially cover your head all of your hair needs to look great. Tease out the curls to give a textured natural look. You don’t want to look too coiffured.

Another easy at home technique is to invest in a hair ring (or doughnut) these are fantastic to use for creating low buns. A very sophisticated yet modern look perfect for those windy race meets. Using the same preparation as before, you now take your ponytail and pull it through the hair ring. Secure the ring to your head using grips and carefully, section by section, cover the ring with your hair. Gripping each section and keeping the hair smooth as you wrap it round. You will find because you have already curled your hair it will lend itself to this style by wrapping itself around the ring. Apply plenty of hair spray and a little bit of shine spray and your ready for action


The final option I am giving you today is the simplest. Hair down. You can either have this soft and wavy or straight or smooth. Blow dry your hair as before with a large brush a little bit of serum to keep it smooth and gently glide over with the straighteners. Use a soft hairspray that allows your hair to move yet hold down those pesky frizzy bits. To curl it, use a one inch tong and curl the front of your hair away from your face, after the front alternate the direction of the curl to add texture. This should look really curly when finished. Then use a soft paddle brush to gently brush out the curls using a soft hairspray to tame and smooth.



If you follow all of these tips you will be well on your way to bagging the ladies day best dressed. Alternatively book yourself and your friends into the Stuart Holmes Salon where the team of experts will allow you to relax and enjoy your race day in style, with a glass of champagne in hand of course.


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