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A recent survey found that 65% of women avoid the gym in fear of being judged. Of course it is natural if you are unsure how to use the equipment to feel anxious, but for this to stop people coming in the first place… well that has to change.

Whilst the survey was purely conducted on women, men are just as likely to have the same concerns, although perhaps feel less able to vocalise them. Everyone at some point is bound to have that inner gremlin creep in, wondering “am I doing this right?”, “do I have sweat stains?” But here’s a little secret, frankly, other than personal trainers, whose job it is to keep you safe and check, everyone else is far too busy worrying about themselves.

However, if this is stopping people from setting foot in the gym in the first place and embarking on a fitness journey then this self doubt and judgement mentality needs to b challenged. Of course, the gym is not the only place where one can work out, but here are five tips to build that confidence if you are one of the 65%.



Make sure before you set foot in that gym that you have physically written down what it is that has motivate you to want to join one in the first place. Whenever that fear of judgement creeps in visualise how you will feel when that goal has been reached and squash those fears. If you are a person who needs a target, sign yourself up for a 5k or any of the many, many fitness challenges out there, that way if he training doesn’t happen, you know you will be held accountable!



Writing down when you intend to slip those trainers on and get down to your gym makes it non negotiable, you wouldn’t bail on a work meeting so you can’t ditch the workout.



Take a friend or make a friend! Find someone with a similar aim and fitness goal as you and work out together. Confidence comes as part of a team and a buddy workout will also encourage you to push that little bit harder.



That phrase ‘all the gear, no idea’, turn it on it’s head…. see it, to be it. Dress in the clothes that you feel most comfortable in and own your workout.



Choose a time of day when you feel the most alert and ready for that workout. We all have circadian rhythms, and we all have optimum workout times, so don’t work against yourself work with it. So ‘gymtimidation’… well you can jog on!

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