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Cotswold Allure Magazine provides the younger-spirited and forward-thinking professional with modern, stimulating, stylish and relevant content.

This is achieved with a carefully curated team of adventurous, witty and accomplished experts, who we have carefully selected to bring a level of excellence and honesty to our readers like no other publication, complimenting our globally appealing stories and imagery.

Cotswold based with a progressive, global and future trend focus across business, food & drink, fashion & beauty, travel, motoring, health & fitness, culture and general lifestyle …There is truly something for every reader in Cotswold Allure Magazine.

Cotswold Allure Magazine receives an average readership of 25,000 readers per month, plus thousands of followers across Social Media such as: FacebookTwitter, Google+, InstagramPinterest and LinkedIn.

Premium Exposure


Exciting and encouraging content is what todays new readers want, and that is what Cotswold Allure Magazine provides.

To help us cover costs, we rely on Sponsors, who believe in Cotswold Allure Magazine and our mission.

We have continuous fresh and exciting ideas, involving unique ways in which we can bring new content to our readers.

With you sponsoring Cotswold Allure Magazine, we can bring these new ideas to fruition together, promoting your name throughout the journey.

Let’s arrange coffee, to chat about how you can sponsor Cotswold Allure Magazine.


A perfect way to engage with readers.

You can either provide your own, where we will provide advice, or we can write your advertorial for you, having given us the required information.

Gone are the days of PR style advertorials, so we will help you to display your piece written in the style of a featured article.

We pay close attention to keeping advertorials Search Engine friendly, giving special care to keywords and image tagging.

Let’s arrange for a chat over coffee.

Social Media

If you’d just like to focus solely on your Social Media, then business plugs with Cotswold Allure Magazine across our Social Media platforms are available.



Prominent and powerful, banners are a simple and effective way to stand out.

*Please note* – Due to popularity, banner space is limited.

Front Page Banner:
Your banner will stretch across the front page of Cotswold Allure Magazine.

Front Page Box Side:
Your box will be displayed on the right side of the Cotswold Allure Magazine front page.

Front Page Box Top:
Your box will be seen clearly towards the top of the Cotswold Allure Magazine front page.

Relevant Banner:
Your banner will stretch across a relevant page to your business. For example: if your business is food related then it will appear across our food page.

Relevant Box Side:
Your box will be to the right side of a page relevant to your business. For example: if your business is food related then it will appear on our food page.


Reviews are a perfect way for you to let our readership know about the service that you provide.

Food & Drink Review:
Cotswold Allure Magazine will send our specialist writers to your Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe or Bar to write an honest review for our readers.

Your Cotswold Allure Magazine review will then be published in Cotswold Allure Magazine, before being promoted across Social Media to our followers.

Product Review:
If you have a product that you feel people need to know about, contact us with more information!

Event Coverage

Throughout the year people from all over the globe flock to cities, towns and villages withinthe Cotswolds, to attend some of this beautiful areas many world renown events.

These incerdible events fall into many categories, such as music festivals, food festivals, arts and crafts fairs, restaurant andhotel openings, health and fitness, to name onlya few.

Cotswold Allure Magazine will send one of our carefully selected photographers, with a journalist, to document your event.

The success of your event will then be showcased in Cotswold Allure Magazine, before being promoted across Social Media to our followers.

Depending on the event and package chosen, our coverage will include one or more of these four key areas:

Journalism, Interviews, Photography, Filmography.

Cotswold Allure Magazine has a professional team of photographers, videographers, 
art directors, stylists and hair and make up technicians ready to film and photograph you and your products capturing the essence of your brand.

Property – Coming Soon

Boasting a local and international readership, Cotswold Allure Magazine will be offering Estate Agents unique bespoke packages for excellent exposure.

Contact us to arrange a coffee and chat.