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100% Organic British Polo Gin®Strikes A Chord With Polo Players Across The Globe

Gloucestershire based British Polo Gin burst onto the scene in July 2016, taking the Gin industry by storm. Steeped in history, this proudly British, 100% organic, quadruple distilled, hand crafted, small batch Polo Gin uses only the finest organic ingredients to create some of the most flavoursome yet smoothest gins on the market.

From its origins as a Medieval medicinal cure to becoming one of the world’s first, and favourite recreational tipples, gin has had a colourful past and the history of British Polo Gin is no less authentic.

The mid 1800s saw a huge influx of British soldiers in far-flung parts of the British Empire, particularly into India in 1857. This in turn,
created a large demand for Quinine that was used to treat British troops suffering from malaria. As Quinine in its raw form had a very bitter taste, it was rationed to soldiers in Indian tonic water, to soften the Quinine. It was around this time that British Army Officers began to mix their gin ration with the daily dose of tonic water to distinguish themselves from the men and in doing so, the original gin and tonic was born.

Two years later in 1859, the same group of British Army Officers started playing polo, with Colonel Sherer founding the first British sponsored polo club in Silchar in that same year. Winston Churchill would go on to recall of his Bangalore days in the 4th Hussars that, ‘The hour of Polo was the hour for which we lived all day long’ adding, ‘A polo handicap is your passport to the world.’


“The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds,
than all the doctors in the Empire.” ~ Winston Churchill


Founder, and polo player, Richard Hine, identified in November 2015 that there was a gap in the market for a 100% organic gin. The gin had to be smooth enough to be drunk on the rocks, but still retain the classic gin flavour, which is crucial to allow it to cut through tonic. It was important to achieve this because it allows the gin to be very versatile to both the end consumer and also to bars. The 100% organic provenance marks British Polo Gin out from the rest of the artisan gin market for all of the right reasons. To be the UK’s leading organic gin offering comes at a price and a price that Richard felt, was worth paying a premium for.

To achieve these goals British Polo Gin used specific techniques which proved to be real talking points with consumers:

Organic Botanicals and Base Alcohol – As all consumers know, organic credentials in what we eat and drink, are increasingly important to us all. To this end, by using 100% organic botanicals in British Polo Gin , the ‘chemically’ taste that is often found in mass produced gins is avoided.

Quadruple Distilled – British Polo Gin is exceptionally smooth, full of flavour and doesn’t have the sharp alcoholic ‘smack’ that many gins on the market have.

Mixed with 100% organic natural spring water – The gin comes out of the still at 98% proof and therefore has to be watered down to 42.7% abv. Most distilleries will use distilled water, (commonly derived from tap water), which in British Polo Gin’s opinion, completely dilutes the flavour of the spirit. By using pure spring water, drawn from the land surrounding the distillery itself, distillers are actually building a unique flavour, rather than diluting it.

Sugar Beet – All of the alcohol is distilled from sugar beet. This is really important as it gives the gin an exceptionally smooth, rounded and faintly sweet finish to British Polo Gin . It also means that the gin is gluten free.

Small Batch – Batches of just 100 bottles are very important as it allows for unique quality control in the distilling process. As soon as the distillate becomes pure, bottling can begin.

Richard Hine states;

“Following the conception of British Polo Gin in November 2015 to ultimate establishment in 2016, the salient tenets of the company were to deliver an exceptionally smooth, 100% organic gin that would challenge conventional gin distilleries and, to become established as The Polo Player’s choice™.

Through our valuable links within the polo world, we are able to ensure that British Polo Gin enjoys the patronage of leading millennials and influencers, and enjoys associations with the likes of rich and colourful heritage institutions, such as Guards Polo Club and Oxford University.”

The brand has now signed a series of exciting agreements sponsoring both the Oxford University Polo Club and the RAF Polo Team. These collaborations are set to last in the future and are designed to highlight the continued link between the sport of polo and its players.

British Polo Gin is now stocked in polo clubs across the British Isles and Europe, most notably at:

Beaufort Polo Club.
Cirencester Park Polo Club.
Cheshire Polo Club.
Cowdray Park Polo Club.
Dallas Burston Polo Club.
Edgeworth Polo Club.
Guards Polo Club.
HPC, The London Polo Club.
Hurtwood Park Polo Club.
Kirtlington Park Polo Club.
Longdole Polo Club.
Moor Farm Polo Club.
The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.
Rugby Polo Club.
Polo Park Zurich.

You will also find British Polo Gin online at Country Finest: where you will receive an exclusive celebratory discount, until 16 July 2018 only!


The Gin and Tonic has been the polo players’ choice™ of refreshment for over 150 years, since the first polo match involving British Officers in India in 1859; hence the creation of British Polo Gin®, whose roots and provenance are inextricably connected with the sport of yesteryear and today.


When being asked how he came about starting the business, Richard states;

“The conception of making a gin that was inherently linked to polo actually came relatively easily as I have always enjoyed focusing and exploring areas that are of interest to me.

Two months after starting work in Australia, I had identified two points that are now really salient to our business.

Firstly, that there was a large demand from consumers for an 100 per cent organic, exceptionally smooth gin.

Secondly, and quite incredibly, that the first men to start mixing gin with their tonic ration in India in the 1840s were the same group of soldiers who were the first British men to play polo in India in 1859.

I recognised that it was really unusual for a gin company to have both a great taste and an interesting marketing story, as from experience, most companies tend to focus on either taste or marketing to the degradation of the other.”

This proudly British, quadruple distilled Polo Gin uses only the finest 100% organic ingredients to create the most flavoursome and smoothest of gins, which is also gluten free. Hand made by artisans in a wood-fuelled small batch still and simply crafted with Ceredigion’s finest spring water, this gin is as pure as can be.

Founded in 2016 and based in rural Gloucestershire, this family owned business is run by third generation polo playing father and son duo, Nick and Richard Hine.

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