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I am just loving the latest trend; creating an event out of a workout. No longer content with a dedicated hour session to our chosen routine, be it in the gym, class or the great outdoors, we are now making it into a social occasion and that my fitties is just so progressive and so totally 2017. Just look around and you will see it popping up everywhere… even your fave local coffee house.

Cheltenham’s Boston Tea Party, everyone’s go to spot for a relaxed catch-up, are joining this growing trend and will be hosting Barre Blitz, with yours truly. This will be a 45 minute blend of easy to follow Ballet style exercises, Pilates and Yoga, to tone, hone and sculpt followed by a Boston legendary smoothie. Starting on Thursday 17th August 6-7.15pm, the upstairs area of Boston Tea Party will transform into a fitness hub for a mere fiver per person bringing together like minded people to squat and chat.

Delicious cake from Boston Tea Party

The culture of sweat and run, of squeezing fitness around busy lives is undergoing a revolution as fitness becomes the life to aspire to, not merely the bit on the side in between the office, the 6 o clock news and cooking dinner. It is now the event on the social calendar to call the baby sitter in for, especially when that dinner with the girls well it’s one and the same; and the bit of exercise before, well that serves as the perfect icebreaker as well as allowing some guilt free dining… perfection.

London has been in on this secret for a while, but as with everything it takes time for things to filter our Cotswold way. There are even whole businesses emerging around the notion that fitness, food and friends are the ultimate combo. Here are my top three:

1. Neat Café
The new Neat Café by Neat Nutrition, situated in the flagship Lululemon store on Regents Street, is closing the gap between fitness and food. Located adjacent to the workout and community area, the healthy hangout is the ideal pit-stop for a re-fuel, serving an array of breakfast wraps, salads, protein snacks and shakes.

2. Saint’s & Sinner’s Brunch
This event is run monthly with 1Rebel and ROOTED LONDON at South Place Hotel. A mix of delicious, energy boosting brunch specials, dynamic yoga and high intensity boxing, this is the funsocial event for fitness foodies. Founder of ROOTED LONDON, Pandora Paloma, has created a range of nutritious dishes full of raw ingredients that will be a permanent fixture on the hotel’s popular weekend brunch menu.

3. Newman Street Tavern
This Tavern in central London has teamed up with Psycle the fab spin brand, to provide a two-course brunch for people after their bike workout. It serves the ubiquitious smashed avocado and poached egg on sourdough as well as yoghurt with poached seasonal fruit. To drink, there is a Psycle Psmoothie or, if you had a particuarly good ride, bottomless prosecco for an extra £15 per person.

But back to the Cotswolds and expect to see lots more fit and sip events in Boston Tea Party on a monthly basis enabling you to try the newest workouts and cultivate new friends and fresh fitness ideas as well as sampling the seasonal produce. So how do you get involved? Spaces are strictly limited to give the whole scene the feel of an exclusive club, to grab tickets and find out when and what the upcoming events will be contact Lottie at or alternatively 07771587053 and check out Boston Tea Party’s insta feed and noticeboard.

It’s interactive too, Lottie wants to make sure she’s delivering THE classes you want to try so feel free to contact her with suggestions and help shape your perfect evening. Friendly, fun and fuelling, the optimum way to spend these lighter summer evenings.

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