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When you become a mum, your life is literally turned upside down. If you were keen on your physical fitness before… well with a newborn it can be more than a pickle trying to fit in any form of exercise …just start with trying to leave the house!

MUSH is an app that creates the ultimate mum zone where you can link up with mum’s in your local areas to make friends, to ask questions and to have an utterly invaluable support network. There is no need to do the mothering thing on your own, statistics show that loneliness is the most common complaint of new mum’s, in fact MUSH figures reveal 60% of mum’s sometimes go a whole day without adult interaction and half go to the shops primarily for adult interaction.

Loneliness among mum’s can lead to mental health problems and MUSH is trying to end isolation for mum’s by urging mum’s nationwide to sign up to the app for free. In fact, it is the most downloaded app by mum’s, and midwives are so aware of the enormity of the early days with a newborn that some are actively encouraging pregnant women to sign up months before their new life comes into this world.


To raise awareness of this amazing mum sphere health and wellness columnist Lottie Keble-Wyatt set up a totally free MUSH up event hosted by the fabulous Boston Tea Party. Mothers were treated to half hour of Baby Barre, a mum and baby fitness taster class, and half hour of Tatty Bumpkin, yoga especially designed for babies. This was followed by Smoothies and toasties and lots of mum chat. The event proved so successful that it will be a programme which Baby Barre & Tatty Bumpkin will roll out once a month in Cheltenham.

If you’re a mum in the Cotswolds, make sure you are a MUSH mum! To find out more and get involved, contact Lottie via her website:

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