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Recently announcing the prioritisation of their online platform into the future, the beauty giant Glamour Magazine has been heard echoing Cotswold Allure Magazine’s approach to publishing from over two years ago. Glamour has been quoted with stating:

“…Readers are living their life today…”
“…mobile- first, social-first…”
“…It is faster, more focused…”

We couldn’t agree more with Glamour Magazine’s new way of thinking. It is an enormous positive step to bringing their readers trending information right now, rather than later. To be honest, the real story shouldn’t be that Glamour Magazine is taking this step, instead why has it taken until now for Glamour Magazine to have come to this conclusion.

When creating Cotswold Allure Magazine in 2015, vital decisions needed to be made. Do we follow suit of other major publications, by focusing heavily on advertising in print form? or do we produce quality content and articles, for the growing readership waiting online and across Social Media?

After extensive research, we chose the latter. A “mobile-first, social-first” approach was the decided strategy for Cotswold Allure Magazine’s publishing.

A large deciding factor for Cotswold Allure Magazine was that during 2014 in the UK, online magazine reader numbers over took print for the first time. Signs are showing that the day of the ‘glossy print’ is heading for an abrupt end.

However, as well as enjoying the ever-growing readership that we continue to see today, during our early days we faced three common responses from the shrinking less technical demographic:

  1. “Being online will never work, you need to cover all angles for all types of reader.”
  2. “Only online? But I like to physically hold something in my hands.”
  3. “I’m not on Social Media, it’s an invasion of privacy.”

Fast forward only two years; more people than ever hold Social Media accounts, sales on printed magazines are in free fall, they’re simply not worth the paper that they’re printed on for readers or advertisers.

Major TV Channels have even changed to online only (I’d like to give a much deserved shout out to Cotswold TV here) while most major publications have either completely transferred to online, or have begun to massively prioritise their online presence, hopefully it won’t be too late for those late comers.

Sadly, due to a lack of foresight, we recently lost a stylish publication in The Cotswolds. Living in such an exciting area, which is exploding with entrepreneurship, creativity and extensive growth, we should never have lost this major publication.

The Cotswolds is now left with only two key magazines, both trying to showcase the endless great happenings throughout this incredible part of the country: Cotswold Allure Magazine and Cotswold Life Magazine.

Surprisingly, with newspapers having a reputation for being ‘stuck in their ways’, we must acknowledge and ‘tip our hats’ with respect, to the Local World newspaper group (owned by Trinity Mirror since 2015) who have made an incredible achievement with Gloucestershire Live, embracing online bringing fast news to the residents of The Cotswolds.

The world has seen 400 years of weekly and monthly printed publications, where only the past 10 years have seen the rise of newer technologies, which are pushing print towards becoming obsolete. However, now that publications are finally exploring these new technologies, we have even newer technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on the horizon, all within their final stages of development.

Should magazines still be holding meetings, trying to decide whether online is the right route to take? Certainly not! The path of change has never been clearer, there are more readers online than buying from the shelves.

Personally, I believe that in 2017, magazines should already be well established online, whilst considering and preparing for what’s coming next. Just being online will soon be outdated, just as print is outdated.

  • What are your thoughts?
  • When was the last time you picked up a magazine from a shelf?
  • Will you be buying magazines in the future? Or are you happy with reading from your Phone/Tablet/Computer?

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