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We’re sure that many of you will be excited to hit the cinema this weekend and watch Wonder Woman, the latest movie from from DC. You’ll remember that Cotswold Allure Magazine attended the first ever Gloucester Comic Con back in 2016. It was here that we met with one of their very special guests Ceri-Ann Williams from Berkshire, who plays the body double of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)

Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman 2017


In light of the release of Wonder Woman, over coffee and a chat, we thought we’d have a ‘Q & A’ with Ceri for our movie loving readers, to find out a little more about how she became part of a major feature film, and what the experience was like for her.


Where did you grow up?
“I grew up in a Tilehurst, Reading and went to school at Little Heath School.”

Were you interest in acting from a young age?
“I have been trained in dancing from the young age of three, it was my entire life for a long time! I used to attend a Saturday college in Henley where I was first introduced to the crazy creative world of acting.

I was instantly in love with it and loved embracing and becoming some one else and having fun with it! As this developed I started doing school plays and seemed to always plant the lead role …Result!

At my Saturday college I received all my LAMDA grades and then got a GCSE A* (my only one may I just add)”

Ceri-Ann Williams, Body double for Wonder Woman 2017


How did you come to be on the set of Wonder Woman?
“It was the second film set I’d been on as an Extra. The costume department kept asking why I wasn’t one of the Amazonian women as my build and stature fitted the bill, within a few months and after meeting the director on the first set they seemed to agree!  (you will probably see me floating around in the selfridges scene as that was my first day on set)”

How did you gain the part of being the body double for Wonder Woman?
“I do share the role with a few other actresses that were there from the start, so I must not steal their lime light too! However, they were given other roles within the film so as I had already met the director in previous scenes and fitted Gal’s image. I got the call on a Saturday and was on set by the Monday! I was put in as a stand in first and then was given full scenes as her full double, it was crazy.”

Do you have, or did you have, a rigorous workout regime or diet to stick to?
“Honestly, I didn’t have the time to get in amazing shape but, as a dancer I keep fit anyway and tend to eat well regularly. So it definitely was in my favour.”

How did you feel working along side Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Ewen Bremner?
“In one word – Honoured.

I met them most days and they are both incredibly professional on set, and it was nothing short of an inspiration to see how they work in motion.  It is clear they had the same vision and worked so well together.”

Did you feel much pressure knowing that you were playing such a huge role in a major movie to be shown across the world?
“When you say it like that, it is one of the most amazing opportunities i’ve ever had in my career (Here’s to hoping there will be many more!)

It all happened really last minute, which in hindsight I am glad about, as I feel that I was completely relaxed on set and just simply followed the direction I was given.”

What was the atmosphere like on set?
“I remember my agent telling me it would be the best set, and it really was. Everyone was friends and knew each others names it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Ceri on Wonder Woman 2017 set with Ewen Bremner


Roughly how many scenes will we see you in?
“Combined with stand in/ double I did around 7 scenes.”

Has this experience inspired you to follow your career in acting? What is next for you?
“I would love to pursue a career in acting, it is without a doubt my passion in life, but I know how competitive the industry can be at times. I got very lucky and hope that I have another opportunity like that again.

I have just finished off my management degree and have launched my new business in Cardiff ‘Ultimate Party Experience‘ which is a dance company specialising in Hen and Stag dance experiences, which would give me freedom if an amazing role came my way again …Fingers crossed!!!”

Are you pleased that a movie has finally been created with a female superhero lead? After all, we have seen reboots time and time again of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. Why do you think it has taken so long for the first Wonder Woman?
“I am over the moon that there is finally a female super hero, it’s so over due.

Although the question on many peoples lips is ‘why has it taken so long?’ I could not think of a better time to release a film where equality and female empowerment is stronger than ever, (womens march, female prime minister) etc.

What I love most about Wonder Woman, is that she isn’t reliant on a man and will do whatever it takes to ensure the right thing is done . She is an inspiration to many younger woman and girls and abolishes the need to be saved by a man which is a message that I stand 100% percent stand by.”

Do you have any advice for any young ladies wanting to get into acting?
“Be confident and believe in yourself, it is a tough industry with tough competition and I still have a long way to go myself but confidence is key. If it truly is your passion never let anything stop you and don’t take yourself too seriously! …Hope you all enjoy the film as much as we did filming it!


It was an absolute pleasure to meet Ceri-Ann Williams for this short but inspiring ‘Q & A’. Cotswold Allure Magazine wishes Ceri the very best with exploring her new career within acting, and we hope to see Ceri on the big screen again soon!


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