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Fact: Investment in the Cotswolds is at an all-time high. Why? Well, actually this is a large article within itself which we will be bringing to you soon. But the truth of the matter is that business growth and development within the Cotswolds is booming and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

A natural response to this huge development and growth, is that Business Networking events have exploded in popularity, and attendance numbers are rocketing!

Cotswold Allure Magazine has attended many business networking groups all around the Cotswolds. There are a select few that we would recommend and also a select few that we probably wouldn’t, however, there is one in particular that stands out to us – which just happens to be the business networking event that comes with a great curry lunch!

Tayntons Solicitors Curry Club Gloucester Cotswolds Business Networking-7Tayntons Solicitors Curry Club Gloucester Cotswolds Business Networking-5Tayntons Solicitors Curry Club Gloucester Cotswolds Business Networking-9

Tayntons Solicitors Curry Club is a business networking event that runs bi-monthly. The event is held at one of the best curry houses in the Cotswolds – Vinings Restaurant at Gloucester Docks.

Usually you will find a vast mixture of business socialites consisting of 40 – 60 people, ranging from accountants and bankers to photographers and singers. Invited to each event is a guest speaker, who aims to inject a little inspiration and also to spread a little knowledge.

This business networking event has been so successful at bringing local business together, that during the alternative months to Tayntons Curry Clubs, Tayntons Solicitors are even launching a second business networking group at the Fern Ticket in Cinderford. At the moment, this newer business networking group is hoping to initially attract 20 attendees.

Due to the diversity of attendees to Tayntons Curry Club, and that large numbers that visit this business networking group, it is solidly one of Cotswold Allure Magazine’s top 10 business networking events to attend in the Cotswolds.

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