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Stretching from Oxfordshire in the East to Gloucestershire in the West, the Cotswolds is famed for its honey-hued limestone cottages, glorious stately homes, gentle rolling hills, and idyllic villages. What better Social Media to celebrate this with than Instagram?

Its otherworldly landscape have long fascinated travellers from other parts of the country and around the world, who yearn for a slice of British country life.

A local perspective is paramount to uncover what this vast and diverse space has to offer, and no one is a better tour guide than those who are living it and loving it there.

Discover, or re-discover, the Cotswolds through the eyes of these five Instagrammers who express their generous admiration for the region through art, design, food, and the outdoors.


Instagram: @sarahlewisloves

I am… Sarah Lewis, originally from West Sussex and now living in Gloucestershire. I work in communications and also run a Cotswolds blog with my husband, Adam.

I use… my Samsung Galaxy S7 for most Instagram posts, and Panasonic FZ-1000 bridge camera for reviews or features. You’ll never catch me with an iPhone!

I love the Cotswolds because… The people are so passionate about what they do and the beautiful area that we live in. I feel very lucky to have met many vibrant and friendly people, particularly through my Instagram and blog.

My favourite types of cuisine are… Italian, South American and Japanese. I also love trying different food, because I think it’s important to trust your own instincts and not just follow the crowd. But I am not a big fan of over-complicated food – no foam please!


Instagram: @werewolfhunter

I am… Dan Sykes, a retail manager based in Gloucester.

I use… my iPhone 7.

I love the Cotswolds because… it’s pretty in some places, and wild, rugged and way off the beaten track in others.

I love the colour of our limestone, rivers, hills, and weather. I also love the pure silences which is rare in today’s world. There are still places where you can get away from crowds and road traffic noise, and just enjoy a sunset or a special view without a human racket.

I enjoy the outdoors… One of my favourite sayings is from Billy Connolly: “There’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing.” I was raised in the country, running round the open fields. Becoming a scout in my teens threw a new dimension of camping into my little world. Over the last 10 years, I’ve become interested in ‘bushcraft’.

Bushcraft is… a generic word encompassing outdoor skills, like foraging for wild foods, fire skills, first aid, using natural materials, shelter building, and canoeing. My friend, Mike McQuilton, is one of the UK’s leading bushcrafters, so I try to practise my skills with him as much as I can.


Instagram: @honey_and_tweed

I am… Jennie Morrison-Smith, an interior designer and decorator who also upcycles furniture, as well as a part-time dance teacher. I live in Brownshill.

I use… my iPhone 7 and Canon 550D DSLR.

I love the Cotswolds because… of the unique and traditional Cotswolds stone houses, the character and charm of the villages, and the amazing people who live there.

I love taking Honey – my six-year-old, long-haired miniature dachshund – for a walk and gaze longingly at the beautiful houses. Or walk along the common with mesmerising views of the River Severn.

Meet Honey… the dog I never knew I needed. As a typical sausage dog, she loves cuddles, food and sleeping. Honey splits her time between living with me and my parents, so she has two very loving homes.


Instagram: @benjaminreecetaylor

I am… Benjamin Reece Taylor, originally from Evesham and now living in Chipping Norton. I currently work as an Insurance Technician, but would like to pursue a full-time career in photography.

I use… my Canon 6D, which is an entry level full frame SLR, but some of my shots are from a battered iPhone 7.

I love the Cotswolds because… it is a relaxed place with a lot of wide open spaces to explore. There are also plenty of modern luxuries that have developed to cater for many Londoners here.

Volkswagens feature a lot in my Instagram feed… I’ve admired VWs for as long as I can remember, since I grew up around them. Four years ago, I bought my 1960 Beetle and used to drive it every day. Last year, I bought my 1963 Campervan (imported from New Mexico) and built it from boxes of old spare and second hand parts. It’s been quite a project!


Instagram: @emhow1

I am… Emma Howell, an adventure artist from Cheltenham.

I use… my iPhone 6s and Nikon D60.

I love the Cotswolds because… I am never far from colour, open space and fresh air. I am spoilt with an abundance of shapes, textures and colours – particularly the broad spectrum of greens and greys that I often bring into my paintings

To me, ‘adventure’ means… a physical and mental process of looking, seeking, finding and collecting. When you go on an adventure – whether it’s long or short, near or afar, you are capturing moments, making minutes count, and living life to the fullest.

Therefore, as an adventure artist… I take a journal with me wherever I go – to collect, document and understand the environment I’m in. I make marks from sounds, mix colours from landscapes, describe textures beneath my feet, and take note of overheard conversations. This documentation is then developed further in my studio.

Making art is my preferred method of communicating how I see, hear and feel things. I want to show people that going on an adventure and dipping your toes in a river isn’t just a physical process – it’s also a mental one.

Dreaming about your next vacation in the Cotswolds? Follow these stunning Instagram accounts now, and get lost in its serene beauty and vibrant lifestyle.


These are my 5 selections, what do you think, do you recommend and other Instagram accounts?

Scarlett x

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